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The Cabrach

It couldn't have been a more beautiful day for the first in person community workshop in over a year.  Finally able to meet up in groups outside, first weekend of the Easter holidays and the sky was cyan blue.  My Grandfather was born and grew up in the Cabrach so it felt extra poignant to be taking the first steps in this project of community mapping in the place where part of me traces back to.  The group was relaxed and happy with many creative ideas.  Teachers and young art students were inspired and inquisitive, making connections between art and science, place and process, creativity and connectivity.  Still on the edge of spring up here, no buds or leaves as yet.  Still as we walked delicate sculptural details revealed themselves, sheep’s fleece, seed heads, lichen, knarled and twisted twigs of ancient trees.  We stopped in the lacy shadow of an ancient willow and used water from the burn to fix our prints.  All the elements, all the ideas, alchemising to create a perfect trace of the moment.  Details immortalised in a textile print to inspire recollection and conversation in care homes.

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