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The Process

Walk, Create, Reflect and Connect


Individual Toolkits 


Throughout lockdown restrictions of 2021; individuals collectively mapped 100 miles of the moray Way using bespoke cyanotype kits.  A mindful, alchemical pilgrimage of fragments developed over time and space.  A process through which internal, environmental, imagined and remembered elements all left their trace.

Artwork for Carehomes

These fragments meet as tactile kinetic artworks for care settings in Moray.  100 fleeting moments, captured as patches of light that fit in the palm.  Moveable magnets that oscillate in infinate constellations to make connection and spark recollection.


Community Workshops

Kate cyanotype-0474(4)web.jpg

When restrictions allowed, communities met outdoors along the coasts, rivers and woodlands.  Walking, collecting, sharing and connectiong we printed our journeys under the sky, embedding tactile details of ourselves and the land into the fabric.  These have been made into large scale immursive canvas artwork for care settings across Moray.

To order extra Cyanotype Paper to top up your kit visit the wonderful Astro Media Shop. 

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